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    Good running socks are part of every athlete's basic kit. They ensure a sense of wellbeing and prevent damage to the skin.

    For our new high-quality running socks, our existing shoe categories were the inspiration behind developing a collection with the categories NEUTRAL, STABILITY and TRAIL as the ideal match. The new models are based on the runner's specific bio-mechanical and physiological needs as well as the intended use. The result is a perfect connection between foot and shoe. X-SOCKS® is furthermore the only private label that uses exclusive technologies.

    All our running socks have the following basic features:

    • Technical socks with anatomically shaped right/left footbed fits the individual foot shape perfectly.
    • Running socks from high-quality functional fibres and equipped with innovative technologies offer the runner perfect wearing comfort and enable optimal performance.
    • Running socks ensure an ideal climate by wicking away excess heat, moisture and perspiration from the foot.
    • Running socks offer effective protection against blisters, skin abrasions, skin irritations from friction and pressure points.
    • High-quality technical socks support the functionality of the shoe and noticeably improve its fit.

    The "Neutral" running socks improve running comfort with the help of X-SOCKS® technology and ensure uncompromisingly fun runs. They are recommended especially for runners who are looking for a sock that is not too thick and fits perfectly. It ensures low energy loss, optimum pressure distribution and perfect contact with the shoe. Aktiv Bund®, Achilles Tendon Protector, Instep Protector and Toe Protector guarantee a perfect fit and protect the foot from blistering when under persistent stress. Traverse AirFlow Channel System and AirConditioning Channel® provide optimal ventilation and foot temperature regulation

    42% polyester, 37% polyamide, 19% polypropylene, 2% elastane

    Colour: White/Black
    • Colour: White_54070011
    • Material: 42% Polyester, 37% Polyamide, 19% Polypropylene
    • Product Code: 54070011
    Moisture protection:
    Material thickness: